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Yoga coach, Management Consultant, MBA professional

“Simplifying ancient wisdom and yogic concepts through Management frameworks”

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Sandeep Ganesh or “SaGa” as he is known in his circle, hails from a traditional Hindu Brahmin family in India and is a spiritual seeker like many of us, questioning the realities of our self and the universe. His inner calling began during his travels to the sacred cities of Jerusalem, Nazareth, Varanasi, and Prayagraj, leading him to a journey of self-introspection and finally to their answers in the ancient texts of Yoga and Vedanta written by the enlightened masters of India.


He eventually pursued the study and practice of Yoga-Vedanta to advance his spiritual studies and share the ancestral wisdom to guide his peers. His style of teaching is unique – simple, structured and practical to help the current generation easily absorb the teachings and incorporate as part of their daily life. This stems from his background as a strategy consultant to some of the worlds’ top companies and his experience in corporate organization and startups.  


He aims to transmit the wisdom of Indian culture and teachings of his guru, Sri Paramhansa Yogananda to help others find inner fulfillment and joy and overcome their anxieties and stress. He is a certified yoga teacher from Sivananda ashram in Himalayas, India and holds a Double Gold Medal in management and engineering.

Abstract Background

Zaida, who hails from Colombia and comes from an entrepreneurial family with peasant roots. has always felt attracted to the mysticism of the East and spirituality, and as a child of only 10 years old, she was already beginning to explore the fields of meditation as if it was a call from her soul. At the end of her adolescence, she faces strong emotional and existential crises that lead her to question her mission and purpose in life, so she begins to train in different healing and purification techniques, thus learning ancient Indian practices, such as Ayurveda, Yoga and meditation, as well as dance and the discipline of coaching, through their masters in her country of origin. Following her intuition and interest in deepening herself spiritually she traveled to India and lived for a year visiting various historical and spiritual places to learn various yogic practices and cultural traditions.


She guides seekers on her spiritual journey by combining the teachings of Yoga, conscious Dance, and Mentoring. In these key areas, mindfulness, relaxation, and concentration techniques have been adopted to help students to grow and succeed.

She is a certified Meditation and Yoga-Nidra teacher in Rishikesh, India, and teaches the ancient wisdom in a practical way for students to incorporate into her daily life. She is also expert in Reiki therapy, tapping, and other healing techniques.


 Her dance philosophy focuses on taking the dancer on an inner journey of self-discovery and purification in a more subtle body awareness, throughout dinamic and dance meditations and the art of neuro-dance.


As a professional ontological mentor and coach, she has guided women from Peru, Bolivia and Colombia regarding the principles of spirituality and coherence as the basis of a harmonious life.


She has completed her Master in Education and has worked with some of the best schools in Colombia, creating her own teaching techniques and spreading knowledge, love and joy to the children. Her innovative techniques include the practice of yoga asanas, meditation, mantra chanting, and conscious body movement to enhance relaxation, focus, and confidence in children and anyone who wants to work on his own personal development.

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Master in Education, Holistic Coach, neurodance teacher, Spiritual Mentor and Yogic practitioner.

"Training mind, language body and emotion through the Yoga path and Ontological coaching using a didactic approach based on holistic techniques"

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