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Online Awakening Retreat 

"Realization of the self"

India 28th Jan, Saturday

South America 29th Jan, Sunday

Online Awakening Retreat 

Retreat highlights

At Sunset

Guided contemplation

Working from Home

Introspective presentation

Pilates Exercise


Presenting 2023 Online awakening retreat on "Realization of the self"

Through our life, we are engaged in the activities we do – work, hobbies and recreation etc. We hop from one distraction to the another and are swayed by people, surroundings and our feelings.


We are so engrossed in the objects around us, that we lose sight of the subject, i.e., the self. We know more about the work we do than we know about ourselves. It is no surprise, given our schools, society and workplace teach us to focus on outward objects and rarely touch up on the study of the self. 


This lack of awareness of our self manifests into various challenges that we are faced upon today such as lacking our purpose, maintaining harmony in our relationships, balancing our emotions etc.


This one day online retreat is for those who seek to get a glimpse of their true self, introspect on the realities of their self and set direction to embark on their journey, so-called life.


The format of this retreat is designed to immerse the participant in contemplation to develop a deeper experiential perspective of the self.

Image by Zoltan Tasi

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